Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Tell about a canning or harvesting experience.

The year we left for PBTS I tried to can up as much as I could to help out. Gramps moved us a month ahead rather than pay rent in 2 places. He brought down a car full of vegetables from our garden each weekend and I canned them up.

One weekend, he borrowed his boss's truck because we hadn't had room for a set of springs with the original load. When he came, I said I'd like a bushel or two of peaches to can, so we went to a farm market. The prices were quite high so I was ready to settle for a bushel.

I think the salesman saw our truck. He said "how much do you want?" I said "2, but not at that price."

He said "come here" and showed us 11-1/2 bushels that the brown rot had gotten into. Brown rot decays fast and they would be totally rotten in 2 or 3 days. So I would have to work fast. He sold 11-1/2 bushes to us for $10. I took them. I canned and froze peaches up until about midnight, filled every jar I had, plus had to buy jars. We had PLENTY of peaches all winter and we love peaches.

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