Wednesday, February 24, 2010


We loved cardboard boxes that furniture came in. We'd play house in them, open them up to make a tunnel to crawl through. Milk delivered to the house when it was really cold, sometimes it would start to freeze, pushing the cap above the bottle. Cream on top, not homogenized.

Play "dress-up" in old clothes. Put a blade of grass between two thumbs and whistle through it. Hide 'n seek, have a parade around the block (pulled a wagon, dressed up, pretend instruments). My dad made a "long cart", we called it, a long plank with double wheels on each end with steering mechanism for the front. Several of us got on and the one behind pushed. Sometimes someone pulled by a rope in front.

We had lots of fun, little money, probably as much or more fun than today's child with all the expensive toys.


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